Cruise Ship Suffers Damage To Hull In Antarctica

The expedition cruise ship, Ocean Endeavour has endured some damage to her hull by thick ice block whilst cruising the waters of Antarctica.

The ship, which is operated by Quark Expeditions, is around 12,000 gross tons and was built in 1982 in Poland. The ship was carrying  167 passengers when it encountered ice of the South Shetland Islands but the ship managed to make port to Ushuaia, Argentina where inspections of the hull were to take place.  It is thought the damage is slight and with no reported injuries to passengers and crew, it is anticipated that she will pass safety inspections. However, her next cruise has been canceled as a result of the inspections and will undergo repairs.

Passengers who were on board are to be refunded their cruise fare and flight costs to get them home and passengers booked on her now canceled cruise can have the choice of booking onto her next cruise after repairs or for a cruise on Ocean Endeavour in 2016.

Photo © Quark 



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