One ‘Hull’ Of A Step Forward In New Cruise Terminal As Funds Agreed

It has been announced that funds are being put in place in order to help Hull realise the vision of having a specially built cruise terminal in the city. Councillors have announced that funds will be set aside to help move the project further.

The idea has been muted for a number of years for a cruise terminal to be built in the Yorkshire port but only now has the financial green light been given.

The project is estimated to be costing around £30m and Councillors have now agreed to borrow another £9.2m for the project.  The council though are adamant that they cannot do it alone and that the government should be putting a proportion of funds towards the project.

Councillor Darren Hale of Hull City Council stated his belief in the project and that it can only be a good thing for the city:

“This is a scheme that will be a game-changer for Hull and we’re hoping that they can find the money – and yes we will put some money in, but it will take a much larger amount of money for it to happen. But these schemes do make a difference. It transformed Liverpool and we believe it will transform Hull when it happens.”


Main Image: (c) Jordan Bailey


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