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Oasis Class Ship Bound For Japan?

Rumours are going around that an Oasis class ship could be based in Japan in 2018.

Nothing official has come from Royal Caribbean but reports suggest that RCI are looking at the possibility of different ports in Japan that could be big enough to base an Oasis Class ship.

Being the largest cruise ships in the world, at over 225,000grt and accommodating over 6,000 passengers, they pose a logistical problem to ports which don’t have the facilities in place to accommodate such large vessels. The length, width and draft of the ships also pose a problem for berthing.

However, if the right ports were found, this could be a statement of intent from RCI as they look to further enhance their position within the Asian cruise market. A market which is increasingly becoming more and more popular.

A case of watch this space………………





Nearly 30 year old who has had an interest in cruising since 8 years old. Since then I have cruised on over 43 cruises sailing around the world visiting places such as the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Europe and many other places. Have also worked in the cruise industry with Carnival UK, Celebrity Cruises and Planet Cruise.

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