Celestyal Cruises Offer Unique Themed Cruises For 2016

Celestyal Cruises have announced an exciting themed cruises program for 2016, which will see 800 different activities available under three distinctive themes; Stories of Greek Culture and Heritage, Stories of Greek Summer Festivals and Stories of Greek Enogastronomy.

The themed cruises, which run from March to November, will allow passengers to be immersed in the Greek culture, history and cuisine.

Between March and May, passengers on board will benefit from the experiences of Greek Stories of Culture and Heritage. They will be treated to spectacular theatrical performances  from famous Lyceum Club of Greek Women, the Minoan Civilization and the ancient Olympics.

June to August will see a change and Stories of Greek Summer Festivals will be the theme.  Traditional Greek Entertainment will be on offer with a modern twist with Greek DJ’s offering Greek music hits and passengers can even enjoy a Science Fest.

For food lovers, September to November will prove to be popular, with the theme of Greek Enogastronomy. On offer will be Greek Wine tasting classes, the chance to taste Greek Cheese and the opportunity to cook and learn Greek Cuisine.

These themes offer a different dimension on entertainment and will provide a good educational sounding for Celestyal Cruises passengers. A chance to show with pride what Greece has to offer.

Celestyal Cruises CEO, Kyriakos Anastassiadis spoke of his delight at what the themed cruises program had to offer. He said:

“In 2016, Celestyal Cruises goes deeper into the authentic Greek experience we give our passengers and proudly presents thematic cruises, which we believe contribute to the global promotion of Hellenism and Greek tourism. We see again and again that our passengers who participate in our themed cruise program become the best ambassadors of Greece in their home countries!”

Image: Celestyal Cruises.


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