Dead Whale Found On Bulbous Bow!

imageThe corpse of a whale has been discovered on the bow of a Holland America Line cruise ship whilst on an Alaskan cruise.

The ship was preparing to dock at Seward, Alaska on Sunday 29th May when the Fin Whale was spotted by crew members on Zaandam.

Investigators are looking into how the whale was killed and if the impact from the ship caused the whale’s death.

Sally Andrews, a spokesperson for Holland America, expressed their sadness for the whale.

She also added that Holland America operates a whale strike avoidance program to avoid these incidents occurring. She said:

“Our ships have clear guidelines on how to operate if whales are sighted nearby, which include altering course and reducing speed as required. In this case we were not aware of any whales in the area.”

Zaandam was continuing on an Alaskan cruise when it berthed at Seward.

Test results from the whale necropsy should indicate what was the cause of death and whether Zaandam caused the whale’s untimely death.


Image: Matt Faust (via


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