Costa Concordia Captain Jail Sentence Conviction Upheld Despite Appeal

Francesco Schettino could finally be set to go to jail for 16 years after his appeal against his original conviction failed.

The original court case concluded in February 2015 where the Italian court found Schettino guilty of  manslaughter, the wrecking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 off the coast of Italy and him abandoning the ship when passengers and crew were still on board.

Both the prosecutors and defence lawyers lodged appeals with prosecutors seeking a tougher sentence than the 16 years that was given and the defence lawyers arguing that the Captain was not solely to blame and that other factors have to be taken into consideration.

However the Italian Appeals Court have now ruled that the original conviction and sentence should stand.

In a bizarre move at the original court case, according to Italian law, Schettino didn’t have to go to jail until the appeals process was complete and they warned that it could take years for the process to conclude.

Costa Concordia claimed the lives of 32 people when she collided with a rock of the Italian island of Giglio and capsized on 13th January 2012.

The wreck was then salvaged and moved to Genoa in 2014 where she currently is being dismantled.


Image: AP (Associated Press)


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