Pacific Pearl Conversion To Columbus Will Take Place In Singapore

Cruise and Maritime Voyages newest addition to the fleet, Columbus, will drydock in Singapore to complete an overhaul and conversion from her current guise as Pacific Pearl to her new livery and name as Columbus.

She will then sail to the UK to begin her cruise program for Cruise and Maritime and will depart Tilbury on the 11th June for her 3 night maiden voyage to Amsterdam and Antwerp in which Cruisemarsh will be on board for.

Columbus was originally designed for Sitmar and was to be called Sitmar Fairmajesty but Sitmar were acquired by Princess Cruises in 1988 and subsequently she was transferred to Princess and was renamed Star Princess and entered service in 1989. She spent 8 years with Princess before being transferred to Princess’ parent company at the time, P&O and was renamed Arcadia.

In 2003 she was on the move again and was transferred to subsidiary Ocean Village and renamed Ocean Village. A casual cruise line for ‘those who don’t do cruising’. She then again spent 7 years with Ocean Village until the disbanding of the line saw her transferred to P&O Australia in 2010 where she has been in service since. Strangely, she will depart P&O Australia in 2017 after spending 7 years with the Australian cruise line.

Image: Cruise and Maritime Voyages


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