Crew Member Dies After Crew Lifeboat Drill On Norwegian Breakaway, Three Other Crew Members Injured

Tragedy struck Norwegian Breakaway in Bermuda today as a crew member died during a routine crew lifeboat drill.  The crew member was fatally injured with another three crew members injured as the lifeboat they were in fell and was left hanging by a wire whilst the crew members were thrown into the water.

It was the ships’ fast rescue craft that they had been doing the drill in when the incident happened. The crew members were attended to by the ships medical staff and were transferred to hospital in Bermuda where unfortunately one of the crew passed away.

Norwegian Cruise Line has issued a statement expressing their regret and sadness at the incident and has promised to provide the necessary care and support that the crew members and their families require and those who witnessed the incident.

“Norwegian is profoundly saddened by this loss and we share our deepest sympathies with the crew member’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

“The company is providing full support and care to those involved and is working closely with the Government of Bermuda and relevant authorities to investigate the incident,”

The incident was believed to have happened around 11.50am local time in Bermuda.  There is now currently an investigation under way by both Norwegian Cruise Line and the Bermuda Police Service.


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