Pacific Princess In Scrape With Breakwater In Nice

Pacific Princess this morning collided with rocks that form a breakwater at the entrance to the port of Nice.

A French website described how the ship was struggling in 45 knot easterly winds and rough seas when the port side collided with the breakwater rocks as she arrived this morning.  Divers were sent down to inspect the damage and they found that there was a leak. Water tight doors have been closed to stem any sea water inflow in the ship.

The ship had been on a 12 day Mediterranen cruise and was on the penultimate day when this incident occured. No passengers or crew were injured in the incident. However, the cruise has been curtailed early in order to repair damage that was caused.

Small Ship Experience. Image, Princess Cruises.

Princess Cruises have issued a statement:

“Princess Cruises can confirm that during arrival at the port of Nice, under normal weather and sea conditions (at approximately 6:30 AM) Pacific Princess experienced an unexpected change in wind conditions and made contact with the breakwater wall resulting in damage to the port side of the ship under the water line. The water tight doors were already closed containing the inflow of sea water. The ship is safely alongside at the pier. There were no injuries and at no time were any guests or crew in danger. Guests are ashore enjoying excursions and site seeing. The ship has electrical power.

Divers are on scene assessing the damage to determine repair options and the amount of time required to complete. As a result of this incident we have made the decision to end the current cruise early so that necessary repairs can be made to the ship. We will be providing required transportation and lodging at our expense so that guests may proceed with their original onward travel arrangements as scheduled on Sunday, October 16. Additional details about these arrangements will be provided as soon as possible.

Pacific Princess is sailing with 669 guests and 382 crew members. The ship is on day ten of a 12 day cruise that departed Venice on October 4, and was scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on October 15, for an overnight stay before ending the cruise on October 16.”

Pacific Princess has been with the company since 2003 and at 30,277grt and can accommodate 672 passengers, the cruise line classifies the ship as ‘Small Ship Experience’ and offers cruises to ports of call that are less accessible for larger cruise ships.


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