Carnival Maritime To Include Operations For Cunard And P&O

It has been announced that Carnival Maritime will now include the P&O and Cunard fleets in their fleet operations programme.

Having Aida and Costa in their portfolio, the Hamburg based Fleet Operations Centre will now expand to cover the 10 ships of P&O and Cunard.  This will be where deviation, coordination requests and other technical issues will be dealt with.

In addition, a new Nautical Department of Carnival Maritime has been created to provide a greater tactical and professional support with regards to the nautical operations of the various fleets and brands.


The Carnival Maritime Building where Fleet Operations Centre is based in Hamburg: Image Carnival Maritime
Fleet Operations Centre  in Hamburg: Image Carnival Maritime

Keith Dowds, Vice-President of Nautical Operations for Carnival Maritime welcomed the creation of the new Nautical Operations Department:

“The main premise behind the new Nautical Operations department is that we are continuously seeking to improve and share information and best practices across the fleets. We provide extra nautical expertise also to the brands. This will give us enormous benefits, for example when it comes to the deployment of the ships, their energy efficiency and port costs,”

The addition of Cunard and P&O sees the fleet operations centre cover 37 ships.

Carnival Maritime currently employs 150 specialists after its creation in 2015. It is owned by Costa Crociere S.p.A and is located in Hamburg, Germany.



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