Crystal To Air TV Commercial For First Time Since 2004

Crystal Cruises have announced they will be airing a tv commercial on CNN and Fox News in the lead up to and following the US Presidential elections.

There will be two sixty seconds slots which will aim to capitalise on an increased viewer base with the heightened coverage that the news will cover with regards to the Presidential elections.

In a statement from Edie Rodriguez, CEO and President of  Crystal Cruises, she explained their decision to buy the air time on the news channels:

“Our guests are inquisitive, savvy individuals who remain engaged in the current state of affairs, nationally and worldwide, and we see a wonderful opportunity to showcase the wonderful Crystal Experiences that await them beyond the debates of the season, The past year has been packed with firsts for Crystal, as we expand our experiences to meet and exceed the interests of a broader audience of discerning travelers. We are thrilled to share these experiences on a larger platform, and provide a visual glimpse into the internationally acclaimed world of All Things Crystal.

Our aim with these new TV spots, as with our brand campaign and the expansion of our brand itself, is to capture the adventurous spirit, discerning preferences and cravings for new experiences that luxury world travelers share,”

This will compliment the already ambitious and exciting expansion program that Crystal Cruises is currently undertaking.  It will create more exposure for the cruise line at a very important time in the history of the USA.

Feature Image: Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises


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