Adonia Set To Re-join P&O Cruises Fleet as Fathom To Cease Sailings From 2017

Adonia looks set to re-join her former fleet-mates at P&O Cruises in 2017 as Carnival Corporation’s ‘Social Impact’ cruise line, fathom, is to cease sailings by June 2017.

In what was hailed as a cruise first, the introduction of the social impact elements to a cruise line only commenced in April this year and was the first US cruise brand to sail to Cuba from the United States. Passengers would be able to engage in social activities ashore which would help sustainable projects with local communities.  It would seem that this ‘experiment’ has not been as successful as they had initially hoped and therefore find in unsustainable for the fathom brand to continue as a cruise line. It is however hoped that elements of fathom will continue with shore excursions based on social impact activities will be on offer to other Carnival Corporation brands visiting the Caribbean.

Adonia will again become the smallest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet and news of her return will be welcomed by her legions of loyal passengers who were saddened to see her depart for fathom.




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