Princess Cruises Fined For Pollution

Princess Cruises have been fined a whopping $40m after they plead guilty to seven charges relating to deliberate pollution of the seas and intentionally trying to cover it up.

Caribbean Princess deliberately discharged around 4,227 galleons of oily waste, 23 miles of the coast of England on August 23rd 2013, however is is thought that the ship has also been illegally discharging waste since 2005,

Investigations took place after the US Coastguard were informed by British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) that illegal dumping had taken place and that a newly hired engineer had stated that the ship has used a ‘magic pipe’ to distribute the illegal discharge of the oily waste of the coast of England on 23rd August 2013.

The US Justice Department has confirmed that it is  the highest criminal fine imposed on deliberate pollution carried out by a sea going vessel such as Caribbean Princess



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  1. Someone thought they could get away with it and the constructor of a bypass pipe is not an accident nor a one-off
    Yea for the whistle blower,see earlier news
    For surePrincess stepped up and took action and this announcement will cause other lines to verify all is aboveboard


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