Damage Sustained To Hull On Grand Princess Due To Faulty Tender Platform

To compell a rather trying week for Princess Cruises, it has emerged that Grand Princess has sustained damage to her hull due to fault with  her starboard side tender platform and as a result, the cruise has had to be curtailed early.

This incident follows the news that Princess Cruises are to be fined $40m for illegal dumping on board Caribbean Princess in 2013.

The ship had departed Honolulu, Hawaii when the damage was discovered.  The cause of the damage is not yet known but the platform cannot be closed and therefore the ship’s watertight bulkhead doors are  closed as a precaution.  The ship is heading back to Honolulu in order for inspections and repairs to be carried out on the damaged platform. It is stressed that the ship is not in any danger and no crew or passengers were injured.

Princess Cruises have issued a statement to allay any fears from both passengers and families of passengers:

“While at sea after departing from Honolulu, Hawaii, a tender platform on the starboard side of Grand Princess opened, for reasons yet unknown. The platform sustained damage, such that it could not be closed.

Although the platform is not part of the watertight integrity of the vessel, as a result of it opening, the hull sustained minor localized damage which has been secured. The Captain has confirmed that the ship is safe and secure, and he is communicating updates to guests on a regular basis.”

The ship is due to arrive in Honolulu on the 5th December and passengers will be flown back to San Francisco where the ship orginally departed on the cruise. They will be provided with hotel accommodation and transfers as they are needed. In addition, passengers will recieve a 50% refund of their cruise and also a 50% future cruise credit.

Grand Princess had departed San Francisco on the 23rd November on a 15 night Hawaiian Islands Cruise. When repairs are undertaken, she will then go for a scheduled dry-docking.

Featured image: Princess Cruises


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