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National Geographic Orion Set To Out Of Service Until April

National Geographic Orion, sailing for National Geographic in alliance with Linblad Expeditions, is expected to be out of service until April after suffering a ‘significant technical’ issue in Antarctica on the 27th December.

National Geographic Orion is expected to be out of service until April. Image: National Geographic
National Geographic Orion is expected to be out of service until April.   Image: National Geographic

The 3984 ton ship, which can accomodate 102 passengers in 53 cabins, is currently sailing for National Geographic under a ‘alliance’ with Linblad Expeditions.

Whilst ongoing investigations are taking place into repairs of the problem, it is anticipated that the ship could be out of operation until April at the very earliest.

The ship had developed a problem when leaving the Antarctic Peninsula for Ushuaia, Argentina and so therefore required the ship to sail at reduced speed until she arrived in Ushuaia on the 29th December, meaning she was a day late.

No injuries or harm occured to the passengers with no detriment to the environment as well.

For the inconvience of the ship arriving a day late back to Argentina, passengers were given a $1000 credit for a future cruise and also were reimbursed costs for onward travel etc.

Passengers that had travelled to Santiago, Chile in preparation for the next cruise were reimbursed with a full refund and also a credit totally what they had paid for the cruise, for a future cruise. Passengers who were due to sail on January itineraries were also given full refunds and a choice of either 20% off their next cruise if they immediately booked it or a $2000  credit for a cruise in the future.

Images: National Geographic.





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