Will The 4th Oasis Class Ship Be Called Symphony Of The Seas?

Has the cat been let out the bag for the name of the  new 4th Oasis Class ship? It may appear that way, after Flowrider, Inc, who supply the flowriders simulators on Royal Caribbean ships, released a blog post on their website stating that two flowriders will appear on the new ship, in which they revealed a name of Symphony of the Seas.

Since the announcement was made from Flowrider, Inc, the name has been deleted from their website and with no confirmation from Royal Caribbean that this will be indeed the name for the new Oasis class ship due to enter service in Spring 2018.

This potential leak of the ‘new name’ could well be a rouse to try and distract from what the ship will be called and may in turn be a different name in store for the new leviathan.

Time will tell what the new ship’s name will be, whether that be Symphony of the Seas or another name they choose but what is for certain is she will be the largest cruise ever to be constructed and will be able to accomodate 6780 passengers at maximum capacity.






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