Norwegian Cruise Company To Begin Operations In 2019

A new cruise line is hoping to emerge onto the scene in 2019 with a brand new build. The company will be called Norwegian Cruise Company (not to be confused with Norwegian Cruise Line) and will be marketed as:  ‘an ultra-luxury adventure cruise line that will offer the experience of a mega yacht’,

The new ship will accomodate 180 passengers in 90 suites and will be the first in a line of a possible six new ships that could eventually make up the fleet between 2019 and 2020.

The ship(s) will be polar capable and will allow flexibility as to where they will sail to.

Speaking to Cruise Industry News, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Company, Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale stated they were looking at a smaller ship market to what they are offering. He said:

“The research we have seen in the market points toward smaller ships. It will be a more adventurous product, and at the same time, the ultra-luxury part of that segment doesn’t have a lot of capacity.

“We want to have flexibility to go anywhere, and when you are building a ship, adding polar class is not that big of a deal,” Wynnsdale said. “It’s very early in the project. Our itineraries will be including the polar regions where we see demand.”

One thing that was made clear is that Norwegian Cruise Company are not the cruise line that had ordered an expedition cruise with VARD earlier this month.

It will be very interesting to see the final product and how they develop the company. Watch this space……


Image: Cruise Industry News/Norwegian Cruise Company


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