Discount Offer By Fred Olsen For Those Affected By All Leisure Collapse Extended

Fred Olsen have announced that they will be extending the discount offer of 25% to those affected by the collapse of All Leisure Group.

The offer originally was due to expire on 31st January but that deadline has now been extended to the the 17th February.

Fred Olsen have offered alternative cruises to those that passengers were due to sail on with Voyages of Discovery and Swan Hellenic and have set up guides in order for passengers to compare the itineraries and also for travel agents to discuss with their clients as to what options were available that were as close to the cruise they were orginally going to be sailing on either Voyager or Minerva. Discounts of 25% would be on offer for those.

Speaking to Travel Weekly, Fred Olsen Head of Sales, Neil Herbert recognised the fact that it was a distressing time for those passengers affected with the untimely collapse of All Leisure Group but stressed that Fred Olsen were there to help those with alternative cruises. He said:

“When customers are affected by any business failing, it’s really upsetting for those concerned. It is also a very difficult time for travel agents, as they are expected to wave a magic wand and find an alternative holiday.

With this in mind, we communicated our offer of help a few weeks back, and we have now produced two simple-to-read guides to help agents to find comparable, alternative cruises quickly and easily for those of their customers affected by the demise of All Leisure Group.”

Fred Olsen aren’t the only cruise line to have offered discounts on cruises for affected All Leisure passengers. Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV) have also offered discounts on their cruises, With flat rate of £50 per person deposits, passengers who chose to sail with CMV would get an additional 5% discount saver fares on inside cabins and a 10% discount on outside cabins.  This was subject to terms and conditions and to be substiantiated with a travel invoice/reciept from All Leisure Group. Although this offer expired on the 16th January.

The 25% discount is applicable for all sailings in 2017/2018/2019 and is subject to provision of proof of booking with All Leisure Group brand such as Voyages of Discovery or Swan Hellenic.


Quote source: Travel Weekly.

Image: © Cruisemarsh



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