Norwegian Cruise Line’s Loyalty Program To Undergo Enhancements

Norwegian Cruise Line’s past passenger loyalty program, ‘Latitudes’ is to undergo enhancements which will see two new tiers added and added benefits for those two new tiers and also universal added benefits for all Latitude members.

For all Latitude members, they will recieve a bottle of sparkling wine in their cabin, priority check-in, keycard recognition and further on board discounts. Silver level members and above will recieve shore excursion discounts whilst Gold members and above will recieve free bottled water and complimentary internet minutes.

The two new added tiers will be Platinium Plus and Ambassador and added benefits will include the chance to dine with ships’ officers and once you reach Ambassador tier, you will qualify for a complimentary 7 day cruise of your choice.

Passengers who are within the Latitiudes program acculate a point each night for every day of their cruise. If you book a suite or are in The Haven, you gain an additional point per night.  However, if you book nine months or more in advance, you will gain an extra point per night and also an extra 1 point per night if you book a Latitudes Insider offer and upto $100 on board credit. Latitudes automatically enrolls passengers 18 years and above after their first cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line.

With the additonal two tiers, which comes in effect from the 3rd February 2017, there will be 6 tiers within the Latitudes reward program. The base tier is Bronze where passengers have accumulated 1-29 points (1-29 nights). Silver is the next tier up with 30-54 points accumulated. Gold follows next with 55-79 points accumulated with Platinium tier accumulating 80-174 points. Those who accumlate between 175-699 points are then in the Platinium Plus tier, with the most loyal past passengers in the Ambassador tier after accumulating 700 plus points.

Bronze — Silver — Gold –Platinium — Platinium Plus –Ambassador

The changes and enhancements to Latitudes will come into effect on the 3rd February 2017.


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