Swan Hellenic Are Bought By G Adventures

There was good news today when it was announced that Swan Hellenic was purchased from failed All Leisure Group by G Adventures.

It is another aquisition for G Adventures whom also purchased  escorted tours Just You and Travelsphere from All Leisure Group shortly before All Leisure Group went into administration in January.

However it is only the name and brand that has been sold as Minerva was only leased to Swan Hellenic.

G Adventure released a statement of their latest acquistion:

“The UK is the largest global outbound market for G Adventures and acquiring Swan Hellenic further diversifies G Adventures’ portfolio of brands, adding boutique small ship cruising to its existing adventure travel, adventure cruising, and new touring businesses”

They are planning to relaunch the brand next year with itineraries set to be announced this summer.

Vice president of global sales John Warner appreciated how Swan Hellenic was well loved and reassured loyal fans that they have the best interests of the company at heart. He said:

We know how beloved Swan Hellenic is to its loyal customer base and respect it has in the British travel community. Our long-term aim is to re-launch Swan Hellenic and re-establish the award-winning values that make it so well-loved.”

The question now remains as to what ship they wil have to represent Swan Hellenic to cover the prospective new itineraries. Will it be another charter for Minerva or will it be another ship. Time will tell but for the meantime at least, another British based cruise brand is safe from the threat of closure, whilst Voyages of Discovery still teeters on the brink.


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