The Carnival Comes To Town For Costa Cruises And Costa Diadema

Costa Cruises have announced they have entered an agreement with the Viareggio Carnival which will provide passengers from Costa Diadema excursions to the Carnival in Viareggio when the ship docks in La Spezia during the 2017 carnival season and also two special themed cruises whereby the Carnival will come on board to showcase their skills and offer workshops for the passengers to enjoy, in the Spring and Autumn on board the Costa flag ship.

The agreement was made as the Carnival prepares to open for the season. Passengers on board Costa Diadema for their 10, 17 and 24 February 2017 stopovers in La Spezia will be able to enjoy visits to Viareggio as part of Cittadella del Carnevale, an excursion to the ‘complex of buildings’ which are entirely devoted to creating and preserving the carnival, and the place where the master craftsmen build their famous floats ot alternatively  genuine travelling theatres.  This will guests a chance  to see how these spectacularly colourful floats are made and they can take part in an exclusive hands on workshop whereby they will  learn how the craftsmen make papier-mâché. As part of the excursion, the will also have time for lunch and free time to look around the Tuscan town. Costa will also have a stand at the carnival to represent the cruise line as part of the agreement.

Guests will have the chance to experience the Carnival and events on board: Image: Viareggio Carnival
Guests will have the chance to experience the Carnival in February and events on board Costa Diadema during May and October Image: Viareggio Carnival

The fun will continue when the carnival has finished with the Carnival scheduled to embark on two cruises on Costa Diadema on 13th May and 21st October in Savona (embarkation in Civitavecchia on 11th May and 19th October 2017 respectively) On offer on board will be activities, themes and events that would reflect the carnival.

Maria Lina Marcucci, President of the Fondazione Carnevale di Viareggio was delighted at the partnership with Costa Cruises and hoped it would showcase to the guests on board what they have to offer. She said:

“A synergistic partnership between two Italian centres of excellence whose common goal is to create experiences that are emotionally involving, each one with its own specific role. Every year the Viareggio Carnival puts on a spectacular show for thousands of spectators, with the help of the skill, creativity and imagination of its artists, just as Costa Cruises offers its guests beauty and wellness experiences,” said  “So we are certain that this partnership with Costa Cruises that combines these aspects of excellence, quality and fun is the best recipe to create something thrilling for everyone. Our hope is that this partnership will grow even stronger in the years to come and become a chance to promote and put to good use what we both offer, in Italy and beyond.”

Marco Paolucci, Costa Cruises Central Italy Area Manager, was delighted at the announcement of the partnership and felt that it will offer guests on board Costa Diadema a truly unique experience. He said:

“This important partnership reflects Costa Cruises’ desire to offer truly unique experiences to its guests, in a way that shows how we put the best of what Italy has to offer to good use. The Viareggio Carnival is a typically Italian celebration, famous around the world for being fun and creative, making it the perfect pairing with our cruises. We are delighted to be the first to offer an opportunity of this kind, not only bringing our guests to Viareggio during Carnival season, but also bringing the Carnival on board our flagship, Costa Diadema.” 

In addition, guests will also be able to book a  ‘Carnival Special’ package in collaberation with their cruise. This package will allow the guests the chance to take part in 4 classroom courses, which each last 90 minutes and will be divided into two themes. Two classes will focus on the history of the carnival’s papier-mache and how they make ik and the remaining two classes will delve into the history and orgins of the costumers and how they are made. There will be practical demonstrations form a tracher from the Fondazione Carnevale di Viareggio. As bonus, guests booking this package also includes exlusive and reserved entry to an ‘after night’ event on board which will include music and entertainment that will reflect the traditions of the Italian carnival.

Feature Image: Costa Cruises


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