Has Voyages Of Discovery Got New Owners?

This week saw G-Adventures announce that they have purchased the name and brand of Swan Hellenic from the failed All Leisure Group and are planning to restart the brand next year with itineraries announced this summer.

Could another of All Leisure Group’s brands be about to join the G-Adventures portfolio? By visiting Voyages of Discovery’s website, the below screen shot is what you see and at the bottom, along the black strapline, there is a copyright statement from G-Adventures.


This is what appears on Voyages of Discovey website with copyright of G-Adventures at bottom of page.
This is what appears on Voyages of Discovery website with copyright of G-Adventures at bottom of page.


Whilst there so far hasn’t been any annoucements from either G-Adventures or All Leisure Group’s administators, the website change suggests that plans are afoot for Voyages of Discovery to join Swan Hellenic in the G-Adventures portfolio.

The tagline on the website, “Value-oriented discovery cruises on a classic ship to exotic destinations including Antarctica, South America, Northern Europe, and the South Pacific” suggests that another ship other than Voyager maybe used for future sailings. The term ‘classic ship’ doesn’t fit in with Voyager’s image and therefore is most likely a change of ships are on the cards of Voyages of Discovery.

Whilst we await an announcement to confirm the position of Voyages of Discovery, it is encouraging that another of the British based cruise brands from All Leisure Group is set to be saved.

It is certainly a case of keeping a close eye on any future developments.

Feature Image: Voyages of Discovery/G-Aventures


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