Silly Cruise Questions: 10 Funniest Questions Asked On A Cruise

We are all human, right? We’ve overheard some silly questions being asked in daily life, whether that be at work or in the supermarket. It’s part and parcel of the daily ritual and it’s not a crime to ask such questions. It’s the same on a cruise ship, passengers can say and ask the silliest things. Those who have cruised before will testify to that and so to help with those who’ve never cruised before, we’ve complied 10 of the silliest questions asked as a bit of a lighthearted insight into life on board.

1: ” Does the crew sleep on-board?” 

Each evening, they go to bed on a floating barge that is towed behind the ship and is kept hidden to the passengers on board….. nah, just kidding! Of course, the crew have accommodation on board the ship where they sleep and have their own crew mess for meals and recreation areas too.

2: “I booked a cruise with Celebrity Cruises expecting to see celebrities. Can you tell me why Gary Barlow isn’t on board?”

Whilst it’s true that there are celebrity entertainers and guests that do travel on cruise ships, there isn’t a guarantee that there will be any on the cruise you book. For those booking cruises with Celebrity Cruises, they maybe looking into the name of the cruise line too literally. Celebrity is just the name of the cruise line and it’s highly unlikely Gary Barlow will be on board for your cruise.

3: “How do I know which photos are mine at the photo gallery?”

Yes, there has been people asking this question and the answer is simple. The gallery on board will either have the photographs literally on display in subsections as to what type of photo it is, where it was taken i.e embarkation, dinner, formal night etc. Therefore to make it easier for passengers to find their photos, they will be able to search within these subsections and with newer ships having the photos displayed electronically, it will be a case of the slide  of a touchscreen monitor and you’ll be able to find your photographs.

4: “I booked an inside cabin and don’t like it. I was wondering if it was possible for a window to be put in my cabin?”

For logisitical and structural purposes, this is simply not possible. Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean are now using LCD ‘virtual balconies’ in their inside cabins to try and create the impression that there is a view. These change each day and are in real-time and so passengers can enjoy the view from the inside cabin of what is happening on the outside of the ship without the need for the cabin to be structurally changed.

5: “Do the stairs go up or down?”

Erm,  we’ll let you decide that one……….

6: “Does the ship generate its own electricity?”

Actually there is a giant electricty cable that is connected to the ship and shore and so the ship can enjoy electricity at sea. Nah, kidding again. The ship has it’s own on board generators that produce and maintain their own electricity and is as powerful as providing power for a small town. The ships have back up generators too should the main ones fail or there is an emergency. Also, whilst in most ports, cruise ships can connect with the local port’s electic connections and enjoy the use of the landbased electricity for their duration of their stay in port, naturally at a cost of course.

7: “Has this ship ever sank?”

The answer is most likely to be no. Whilst cruise ships have been known to take on water after collisions, they generally don’t sink due to their designs and so are repaired and put back into service again. If a cruise ship were to sink, the liklihood that the ship would be raised, repaired and put back into service would be extremely low. It would not be the thing to do, so rest assured, the ship you are sailing on, it hasn’t sunk before.

8: “What time does the Midnight Buffet begin?”

Pretty much a self-explanatory question, right? Generally speaking yes, the Midnight Buffet on most ships will begin at midnight, however some ships begin a little earlier at say 11.30pm and still classify it as a Midnight Buffet as it will still be ongoing at midnight.

9: “I’ve been invited to the Captain’s table for dinner. If he is going to be there, who will be steering the ship?”

Don’t worry, the Captain doesn’t have to be on the bridge all of the time. He has a capable Bridge team of officers and crew who will oversee the ship’s steering and operation whilst the captain is either asleep or is on his social duties. The ship will have it’s own auto-pilot system but the the bridge will NEVER be unattended as officers and crew take shifts or as ‘watch’ as the nautical term is whereby there will be officers and crew on the bridge 24 hours a day.

10: “Do you have to leave the ship to go on a shore excursion?”

Erm, that would be yes. The clue is in the name: ‘shore excursion’  These shore excursions will take passengers on escorted tours to the most popular tourist attractions that the port of call they are visiting has to offer.

The best thing to do is laugh, let’s not take things too seriously. After all we are human and it would be boring if we were all serious and proper all the time wouldn’t it? So keep calm, laugh and cruise on!



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