Crew Member Killed In Gas Cylinder Explosion On Emerald Princess

A crew member was killed as a result of a gas cylinder explosion on board Emerald Princess yesterday whilst in Port Chalmers, New Zealand.

The accident is believed to have happened “during technical work on the hydraulic launching system on a tender vessel.” according to Carnival Australia Corporate Communications Manager David Jones.

The gas cylinder exploded and flew through the air, fatally injuring the crew member in question.

Whilst Carnival Australia are helping the poilice and authorities with their enquiries regarding the incident, they are also seeking to get in touch with the deceased crew member’s family.

Carnival Australia’s David Jones commented that ” We are deeply saddened that a member of Emerald Princess’ crew was fatally injured in the incident,”

Passengers on board Emerald Princess were informed of the news by the Captain across the public address system from the bridge.

The 113,561grt ship was carrying more than 3000 passengers on a 12 night round trip cruise from Sydney and was scheduled to depart yesterday evening for the continuation of her cruise but is still in Port Chalmers whilst ongoing investigation continues.

Quote: The Daily Telegraph (Australia)


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