4 More Ships Ordered For Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line have entered an agreement with Fincantieri for the construction of 4 new cruise ships for the ever increasing fleet with another two on option.

The new 140,000grt ton ships will be a new class of cruise ship for Norwegian Cruise Line and will cost around 800m Euros each to build.

The new ships will be smaller than the Breakaway Plus class ships in the fleet and will carry around 3300 passengers and will measure 300m long.

With the new ‘prototype’ design, Norwegian Cruise Line are investing in the future with emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing the effect on the environment whilst optimising fuel consumption at the same type.

In a statement issued by Fincantieri , Frank Del Rio, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd was thrilled with the announcement and looks forward to Norwegian Cruise Line going from strength to strength. He said:

“This new class of ships will continue Norwegian Cruise Line brand’s legacy of introducing meaningful innovation to the cruise industry.This order continues to highlight our disciplined newbuild program, extends our growth trajectory well into the future, enhances our already attractive earnings profile and drives expected long-term returns for our shareholders”.

Guiseppe Bono, CEO Fincantieri expressed his pride at the shipyard being given the contract by Norwegian Cruise Line to build the new class of ships. He said:

 “This outstanding result allows us to include a new prestigious client in our portfolio, which confirms Fincantieri’s ability to develop with a flexible approach leading-edge solutions for every segment and demand of the modern cruise industry. We are very proud of the project for these ships: we developed it internally and we presented it to the shipowner, which appreciated it so much to order an entire class. Different stakeholders of the export chain have contributed decisively to achieve this goal and they have gained our full recognition. The remarkable value of the order has to be added, obviously, on top of these factors: the Group will benefit from it under economic and workload terms and the order will further extend the utilization horizon of our shipyards, not comparable with any other industrial segment. We are also honored to significantly support the growth of our country’s economy, which, as we all know, requires a considerable effort to regain its role in the world market”.

The new ships are scheduled for delivery between 2022 and 2025. If the option to take up the additional two, that schedule will be increased to 2027.

Source: Fincantieri



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