Cruise Ship Murder Suspect Claims “Wife Is Still Alive”

As previously reported in Cruisemarsh, Daniel Belling, a German IT Consultant living in Dublin, had been arrested by Italian authorities on the suspicion of murdering his wife Li Yinglei after she failed to ‘disembark’ MSC Magnifica with her husband and two children at the end of a Mediterranean cruise on Monday 24th February in Civitavecchia, Italy.

Now, according to the Irish Independent, Belling’s lawyer is claiming his client’s wife is still alive and that she should be treated as a ‘missing person’ with interpol ‘obliged’ to be searching for her.

Belling is claiming that the last time he saw his wife was when the ship arrived into  the Greek island of Katakolon.  He and his sons had ventured ashore and into the port to explore but when they returned, he alleges that his wife had vanished, along with her suitcase and mobile phone.

Despite not informing the reception of this, he instead informed his cabin steward that there would be only three sleeping in the cabin and not four.

Mr Conti, Belling’s lawyer said that both Belling and Yinglei had both gone their seperate ways on holidays before where she returned back home to Dublin, whilst on another occasion she went to visit family in China for six months.

Whilst Mr Belling had admiitted they had both quarrelled the night before she disappeared, he beleives that it was her intention to leave the ship and holiday and return back to their flat in Dublin. However, the Irish Independent reports that there has been no sign of her at the flat and that the mobile phone that is reportedly hers for use with her wedding planning buisness is going through to the voicemail message: “Hi this Angie” She was also known by the name Angie

They were also reportedly been having a row in Genoa with a souvenir stall owner remembering them and stated that the husband had been shouting at her with regards to Li’s shoes.

Mr Belling remains in prison in Italy after being formally charged on Friday, pending further investigations into the matter with his lawyer staying: “Mr Belling will respond to all questions, he wants to speak… he wants to make a declaration”.

His children are currently in the care of the Italian Social Services and it is planned that they hope to repatriate them back to Ireland as soon as possible.

The case is set to continue…

Source: Irish Independent

Feature image: Cruisemarsh


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