P&O Passengers Win Compensation For Illnesses On Board Arcadia

P&O Cruises have agreed to settle out of court  compensation, believed to be a five figure sum,  to a group of passengers who were struck down with illness on board Arcadia between January and April 2015.

The Daily Express reports that 11 passengers will recieve the compensation from the cruise line, including a couple who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  They had contracted a respiratory tract infection which affected their lungs and airways and of which is contagious.

Irwin Mitchell, Personal Injury Lawyers, representing the anniversary couple commented:  “This kind of infection was known to occur often on board the ship, with some nicknaming it the “Arcadia cough”,

David and Doreen Gale, whom had saved up a year to undertake the cruise for their Golden Wedding Anniversary, were relieved that the legal wrangling had come to an end and that they will be getting compensation. Doreen said to the Daily Express:

“I am relieved that our legal battle is finally over. Our cruise was a nightmare and we were so disappointed and upset that our 50th wedding anniversary was ruined and we are glad Irwin Mitchell has managed to achieve a successful outcome for us. Both David and I were really concerned by certain things on board the ship, such as air conditioning units that were leaking and the bed linen not being changed daily. It was obvious that people on board the ship were not well as in the evenings you could hear lots of coughing in the theatre.”

Another couple on board also contracted a respiratory tract infection as well during their cruise on board Arcadia.  Nicholas and Kathleen, 70, decided they should take legal action against they cruise line. The couple had concerns regarding the hygiene standards on board Arcadia in which they claimed  dirty furniture within their cabin, stains on the sofas and also unclean public toilets.

It was not just cases of respiratory tract infections, there was also a confirmed case of Campylobacter, (food posioning) on board too.

On hearing that the cruise line have agreed to settle out of court for the passengers experiences on board Arcadia, Jennifer Downing from Irwin Mitchell, hoped that the agreement will help bring closure for the passengers involved.

“The ordeal these passengers went through and the problems they suffered as a result highlight how important it is that cruise companies ensure passengers are cared for properly whilst on board.”

It must be stressed that cleanliness on board cruise ships is taken very serious and with all cruise lines, including that of P&O, there are strict guidelines in place in order for high standards of cleanliness to be maintained.

For on board bourne illnesses, the vast majority is down to passengers not adhering to the strict hygiene guidelines in place, including that of washing their hands after going to the toilet. Passengers often bring illness and infection on board the ship too and with it being a rather closed environment, these are easily spread amongst others.

For P&O Cruises, this will be a leason learned of which it  will be taken on board and action put into place in order for this never to happen again.


Source:  The Daily Express

Feature Image: Cruisemarsh.



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