South Korean Ports Replaced With Japanese Ports On Royal Caribbean China Sailings

Reports are emerging that Royal Caribbean are to change the itineraries of sailings from China that are scheduled to visit South Korea.

The move follows tension between South Korea and China after South Korea has deployed a US Missile Defence System.

According to Reuters, Royal Caribbean issued a post on their China website stating the reason behind the changes to the itineraries was because of ‘the recent developments regarding the situation in South Korea’.

Visits to the South Korean destinations such as Busan, Jeju and Seoul have now been replaced with calls to Japanese ports of call instead.

Rival cruise organisation, Carnival Corporation is believe to have reacted in a similar fashion with cruises with their Costa brand sailing out of China being adjusted to miss out the South Korean ports of call with days at sea or stops to Japanese ports of call instead.

The move by Royal Caribbean and Carnival Corporation comes off the back of media reports last week citing that Chinese Government had given the tour operators such as Royal Caribbean that operate out of China, ‘guidance’ in order to stop or restrict selling trips to South Korea and thus replacing South Korean ports of call.

The moves will have an affect on the South Korean economy which relies heavily on China trade with both retail and tourist sectors also being impacted.

Source: Reuters


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