What’s On Our Bucket List? Top 5 Destinations We Want To Visit

So anyone that says that they don’t have a bucket list of things they want to see and do before they die are most probably lying. Even if it’s subconcious, most people have yearnings of doing the wildest things, experiencing new places and enjoying a wide selection of cuisine before the day arrives where they actually ‘kick the bucket’.

At Cruisemarsh, we have a bucket list the length of the Forth Rail Bridge but we’ve condensed it for the purposes of this article and so we don’t make you fall asleep with boredom.

So let us take you to the Top 5 Destinations on the Cruisemarsh Bucket List.


1. New York City, New York, USA:  This is our top destination on our list. It’s a place we have never been to but we have been yearning to go for years and years. A cosmopolitan city with plenty of things to see and do, you’ll never get bored. A trip to see the Statue of Liberty or perhaps a trip to the Empire State Building and go straight to the top to get some fabulous views over the city. Or why not have a stroll through the famous, Central Park. An oasis of wildlife, plants and green space within the sprawling metropolis. Although, we are visiting the city later this year. We will be sailing in on a day visit on Navigator of the Seas enroute to Florida. So we can’t wait to be visiting!

The New York Skyline: Image: The New Yorker.

 2. Berlin, Germany: Having visited Germany on a few occasions in the past, we have never made it to the capital itself. A city with so much history and culture, there again is so many things to see and do. Whether it be a trip to see the famous Brandenburg Gate, a trip to the rebuilt Bundestag (former Reichstag) or a trip on the hop on hop off bus around the city, you’ll never find yourself kicking your heels in boredom. With cruise ships calling off in Warnemunde and Hamburg, there is ample opportunity to visit the German capital or even do a cruise and stay. There is so many different options.

The former Reichstag Building, now Bundestag: Image: The Telgraph.


3. New Zealand: Now, we’ve seen the wonderful scenery from the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s breaktaking. Split over two islands, North and South, New Zealand has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.  From visiting Wellington in the North Island to travelling to Nelson in the South Island, New Zealand has much to see and do. If you are on a cruise, you can make the best of both worlds and even have the honour of sailing the Fjords in the Southern tip of the South Island. With stunning backdrops, a cruise through Milford Sound is high on any travellers bucket list.

Queen Mary 2 in Milford Sound. Image: James Morgan/Cunard


 4. Alaska, USA: This is one of the most scenic cruising areas in the world and what better way to explore the region than by cruise ship. With a whole host of cruise lines, including Princess Cruises and Holland America, there are plenty of cruise and stay options available where you can enjoy the splendour of the glaciers from the deck of the ship with a stay either pre or post cruise at their inclusive ranch resorts and take a train journey through the majestic Rockies.  Yes, the temperatures may not be as tempting as that of the Caribbean but the scenery and wildlife will live long in the memories, even if it is cold!

Crown Princess in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, Image: Princess Cruises


    5. Sydney, Australia:  Another city that has such a fantastic appeal and a wonderful sail in and sail out on board a cruise ship. The sight of the Sydney Opera House and the ‘coathanger’ Sydney Harbour Bridge are two iconic pieces of architecture that helps define the city.  A climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an option and will allow you the chance to see the city from a different perspective and no doubt an adrenaline rush too! For those who likes fantastically tropical plants and wildlife, there is the Royal Botanic Gardens and for those who just love to lie back and soak up the rays of the Australian sun, there is the world famous Bondi Beach which is in close proximity to Sydney and is the place to soak up the sun or to have a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Ah, now doesn’t that sound good?  Right, where’s our passports………

The famous Sydney Harbour. Image: Sydney.com


Whoops, sorry we were away in a day dream there, just thinking about these wonderful destinations.

That concludes our bucket list, we know we’ll be ticking one of these destinations off the list this year but here’s hoping we don’t have too long to tick the others off too! Just need to keep saving the pennies and then the world will be our travel oyster!


Feature Image: The Guardian


New York: The New Yorker

Berlin: The Telegraph

New Zealand/Queen Mary 2: James Morgan/Cunard

Alaska: Princess Cruises

Sydney: Sydney.com






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