Carnival Cruise Lines To Build New Port In Bahamas

East Grand Bahama is set for a new cruise port to be built in conjunction with Carnival Cruise Lines it has been reported.

Tribune 242 reports that talks have been taking place between the Government of the Bahamas and Carnival Cruise Line and that an announcment on the new venture is shortly set to be announced officially.

Whilst the exact location of the new port hasn’t been divulged, it is imagined it will be on the North Shore, around 2.5 miles from Stat Oil,

The project, likely to cost around $200m and take around 2 years to construct, has been given the go ahead by the National Economic Council for conclusion of a heads of agreement after lengthy negotiations between the government and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Prime Minister, Perry Christie spoke of the importance of the agreement to island and how beneficial it will be. He said:

“We shall shortly conclude a Head of Agreement with Carnival. We have finished our end for some time now for a major cruise port in East Grand Bahama”,

However, there has been some concern about the environmental effects of the new cruise port from environmental groups but both Prime Minister, Perry Christie and Minister for Grand Bahama Dr Michael Darville were quick to dispel these concerns. Adding, Prime Minister Christie said:

“We don’t make any decision with respect of a development that has the potential impact on the environment without making it subject to environmental approval,” he explained when asked about consultation regarding the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). After an EIA is done and assuming it is satisfactory, then we make it also subject to Environmental Management Planning,” he said. “And so, in the process in talking to Carnival Cruise Line we discussed at length the environment of GB.”

Whilst Dr Darville concurred with Prime Minister Christie by stating:

“It is an excellent piece of land and it was selected because of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It was proven it would have the least devastating effects to the water aquifers in East Grand Bahama, which is essential for water supply for the entire island of Grand Bahama”. 


An offical announcement is expected in the near future from both the Government of the Bahamas and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Source: Tribune 242

Feature Image: Carnival Cruise Lines.


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