Viking Cruises Launch Resident Historian Programme

Viking Cruises have announced the launch of a new on board program which is designed to bring history to life.

The new Resident Historian Programme will be rolled out on Viking Star, Viking Sea and Viking Sky this month and will offer guests the opportunity to experience unique lectures, seminars and shore excursions that will bring the idea of history to life through the expertise of the Resident Historian on board.

Guests will have the opportunity to attend on board lectures by the Resident Historian which will cover areas that will be connected to the ports of call they are visiting on that cruise. They will then be able to bring that knowledge into practice once they go ashore on one of the special shore excursions.

A more interactive learning experience will be the introduction of the ’roundtable discussions’ where guests will participate in seminar style but smaller forums where the Resident Historian will be able to go more in depth on the particular subject of discussion.

Guests will also be able to enjoy history-themed dinner discussions on board and if you’d like to discuss something in particular in a one to one session with the Resident Historian, there will be daily ‘office hours’ where they will be available to discuss various subjects on a one to one basis.  However, they will be available too outwith those office hours and will allow for a greater interaction and number of questions to be asked during the cruise.

The Viking Resident Historian lectures have been produced exclusively for Viking by Dr. Charles Doherty who is the Chief Viking Resident Historian. These lectures are produced to be standardised across the fleet as a core curriculum and will allow for greater consistency no matter which Resident Historian is lecuturing. These lectures will take place within The Theater and will be filmed and made available for guests in their staterooms to enjoy. These will then be professionally edited and will be made available throughout the entire Viking River and Ocean fleets by early 2018 through the on-demand in stateroom entertainment system.


Already there are three Resident Historians that will be featuring on board Viking Ocean Cruises ships this Spring.  They are Dr. Mark Callaghan whom specialises in 20th Century European art and culture and will be Resident Historian on Viking Sky this Spring on sailings of Emprires of the Mediterranean.

Lt. Colonel Tony Coutts-Britton whom is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy and has served with the British Army in Europe, Asia and also with NATO in the Partnership for Peace program, will lecture on the social and political aspects of European military history as Resident Historian on Viking Sea’s Empires of the Mediterranean this Spring.

Dr. Fenella Bazin, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and a Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Manx Studies, specialised in the Age of the Vikings and modern Norway and will be the Resident Historian on Viking Star on her sailings of Empires of the Mediterranean this Spring.

In addition to the launch of the Resident Historian program there will also be additional onboard cultural offerings such as:

Munch Moments: This is a partnership with Oslo’s Munch Museum which celebrates the life and artwork of Norway’s most famous artist, Edward Munch. Created in 2016, this partnership will allow guests “Munch Moments” each day and will be staged within the ship’s atrium.

The Metropolitian Opera: In Co-ordination with the world famous Metropolitan Opera, guests will be able to enjoy the production of Puccini’s “La Boheme” on board. In addition to this, guests will be able to enjoy the Metropolitan Opera’s ‘groundbreaking’ “The Met: Live in HD” series which allows Viking priviledged access to Viking guests to beyond a normal visit to the opera. They will be able to enjoy behind-the-scenes features such as interviews with the cast and the crew.

Viking Art Guide: For those who love technology, Viking has introduced a mobile app, which is available in the App Store, which allows the guest to enjoy a walking tour of Viking’s ocean ships and their extensive and varied collection of Nordic artwork on board.

Karine Hagen, Senior Vice President of Viking Cruises was convinced that this new program will appeal to the guests and will open up their ‘explorer’ within them. She said:

“Our guests are explorers – they are curious travelers who want to learn. Having a fundamental understanding of iconic historical events in the destinations our guests visit helps bring a deeper understanding of the present – and perhaps also a better perspective on the future.” 



Feature Image: Cruisemarsh

Source and Video: Viking Cruises


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