Fincantieri And French State Agree Heads Of Terms For STX France

Fincantieri have announced in a statement that they have signed a ‘Head of Terms’ agreement with the French State for the take-over of STX France.

This agreement which was signed by both Fincantieri and  Agence des Participations de l’Etat (APE) who were representing the French State will allow for the completion of the takeover to come to a successful conclusion.

It still has to be rubber stamped in the Court of Seoul before Fincantieri can formally announce they have acquired the French shipyard.

The prow of Harmony of the Seas bow being lowered into position. Image: STX France.

The addition of STX France to their portfolio will further enhance Fincantieri’s position as one of the world’s leading shipbuilders for cruise ships. The completion of Queen Mary 2, Harmony of the Seas and the current construction of Royal Caribbean International’s largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, are the jewel in the crown for STX France and the future for both Fincantieri and STX France as cruise ship building giants looks bright.


Feature Image: Fincanteri’s Monfalcone Yard: Fincantieri

Source: Fincantieri

Image: Harmony of the Seas under construction: STX France

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