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Oriana & Azura Departures 23rd April 2017

We focused our attentions on both P&O Cruises Oriana and Azura which were in Southampton this afternoon.

So from our vantage point at Town Quay, we saw Oriana leave first from her berth at 106 at just after 16.30 whilst we had to wait a little while for Azura to depart as she was listed down for 17.30 from berth 46.

We captured them both as they sailed out and we hope you enjoy the photos!




Nearly 30 year old who has had an interest in cruising since 8 years old. Since then I have cruised on over 43 cruises sailing around the world visiting places such as the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Europe and many other places. Have also worked in the cruise industry with Carnival UK, Celebrity Cruises and Planet Cruise.

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