Titanic Fur Coat Fetches £150,000 At Auction

A fur coat worn by a survivor of the ill-fated White Star liner Titanic has sold at auction for more than £150,000 – more than double the original estimate of between £50,000 to £80,000 reports the Yorkshire Post. The fur coat was worn by stewardess Mabel Bennett who put the coat on over a nightdress to protect her from the cold temperatures before evacuating the liner as it took on water after striking an iceberg off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland on 14th April 1912. Ms Bennett who worked as a stewardess in First Class had previously worked aboard the Titanic’s sister ship Olympic and had only joined the recently completed Titanic on 6th April prior to the Maiden Voyage. Ms Bennett served alongside her brother-in-law Alfred Crawford, who survived, and nephew Leonard James Hoare who lost his life in the disaster.

The coat belonged to Ms Bennett until her death at the age of 95. Image: BBC

The fur coat remained with Ms Bennett until her death at the age of 95 – making her one of the longest surviving female crew members from the doomed liner – after which it remained within the family for almost 90 years prior to being sold at auction by the Wiltshire based auctioneer Henry Aldridge and Son in 1999, it was consequently loaned to a museum in the USA. The coat was sold at auction on Saturday 22nd April at more than double its original £50,000 to £80,000 estimate.

Assistant Editor, Christian.


Feature Image: Ireland.com

Image: BBC

Source: Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Post Newspapers

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