Polish Cruise Brand To Launch In 2017 With Two Classic Ships

Polish holiday and tour operator, Itaka will be venturing into the cruise market with the chartering of the Louis Aura and Ocean Majesty according to Polish website rp.pl 

The cruise industry is currently experiencing a period of unparalleled growth across the globe and emerging markets of the far east are fuelling much of this growth. It’s easy to forget countries in europe which have very little exposure to cruise. Poland’s largest holiday and tour operator Itaka has chartered the Louis Aura, which is making a return to service this year after a 2 year lay up. Following a refit Aura is undertaking a number of cruises from Barcelona visiting the Baeleric island’s including Majorca with Polish guests flown to Barcelona with the option cruise and stay with a week at a hotel. A repositioning cruise is also available from Greece visiting Italy to Barcelona departing June 11th 2017.

Most recently sailing under charter to Rivages du Monde in 2015,  the Louis Aura will now be charted to Itaka. Image: Mer et Marine -Kevin Izorce

Following succesful sales of these intial cruises by Itaka , the Classic ship Ocean Majesty , which in summer months sailed for Hansa touristik and has traditionally been laid up during winter months has been chartered from November through to April to operate cruises to the Canary Islands and Morocco , home porting in Teneriffe.

Itaka is a business looking to innovate and grow the Polish tourism industry , and already has over 150,000 customers visiting the Canary Islands hotels each year so has a vast customer base to launch their cruise programme from.

More Large tour operators are branching into cruise and new source markets for passengers are appearing now , the cruise ship charter market is looking up after a few years of decline.


Article by Guest Blogger: Ryan Charlton


Feature Image: Orkney Harbours

Main Image: Mer et Marine- Kevin Izorce

Source: rp.pl


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