4 Places You Must Visit On A Baltic Cruise.

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and book a Baltic cruise?

Honestly, you will not be disappointed. Well, maybe perhaps the weather maybe hit or miss but the ports of calls and the countries you visit on the cruise, you will not regret why you booked the cruise.

So, for a little guidance, here are our top 4 places to visit on a Baltic cruise:


1  St Petersburg – Peterhof Palace:

The maestic Peterhof Palace never fails to impress.

The jewel in the crown for any Baltic cruise is to visit the majestic city of St Petersburg. With so much history and beautiful architecture at your disposal, you are spoilt for choice for where to visit. Whether it be the Hermitage, St Isaac’s Cathedral or the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, there is always somewhere to visit. However, our reccomendation would be to visit the Peterhof Palace on the edge of the city. With vast and expansive grounds to compliment to the grand and regal palace building, it’s an enchanting place to visit and you can see why Peter the Great and his daughter Elizabeth had ordered the construction and expansion of the palace. It’s well worth the visit.


2 Old Town – Talinn: 

Town Hall Square, Talinn.

Talinn, Estonia is a charming city which we feel is underservedly under-rated. Just a short walk from where the cruise ships berth, you’ll find yourself in the old town area of the city. With charming architecture that dates back to the 13th century, the old town is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.  It was once centre of the Hanseatic League in the 13th-16th centuries offering a great trading centre.  The castle and the city walls on the upper part of the old town are imposing features of the city and along with the cathedral were major landmarks in the city during it’s time as a major trading centre.  The lower part of the city also offers a a medieval feel with its winding narrow streets, town hall, pharmacies, churches and merchants quarters. You’ll easily lose track of the time and be charmed by the warmth and appeal of the old town. Well worth the walk from the ship.



3 Little Mermaid –  Copenhagen 

The Little Mermaid statue captures the hearts of all who visit Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city and has both modernity and history in abundance. With the Danish Capital home to the Danish Royal Family, the city itself is a popular tourist attraction and no, not just for the Carlsberg Factory, there is an abundance of things to see and do in the city. Whether that be a trip to Tivoli Gardens,  an amusement park and gardens, which dates back to 1843, that caters for the young and old and has one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters in the world,  a walk along the Nyhavn or a trip on the hop on, hop off buses, you won’t get bored. However, we recommend you take a visit to the Little Mermaid Statue, which is situated at Langelinje Pier, a short walk from the central cruise ship berths (larger cruise ships berth in the outer berth, so will require a bus into the centre to visit the statue) and was a gift to the city of Copenhagen from Danish Brewer, Carl Jacobsen in 1913.  The statue, which is made from bronze and granite, is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who relinquishes everything she has to be re-united with a handsome young prince on land. Whilst the statue isn’t as big as you’d imagine it to be, it is nevertheless still an important landmark in Copenhagen and is worth a visit to see her.


4 Stockholm – Do It Your Self: 

Well worth travelling by public transport in Stockholm.

We are doing something slightly different here on this one. As we had anchored in Nynäshamn, we had to get public transport into the centre of Stockholm, rather than take a tour with the ship’s excursion program. Now, we decided to buy a 24 hour pass, which enabled us to use the train, bus, tram and boat in Stockholm and Nynäshamn areas. This was a bargain of a price at 13 Euros for an adult and 8 Euros for a child (prices June 2015) This gives great scope for those who wish to travel to Stockholm independently and to utilise the fantastic public transport system on offer. We made full use of the ticket and travelled on the train, bus, tram and boat. So those who wish to see the Vasa Museum, Old Town or Stockholm Cathedral, there is ample opportunity to use the 24hr pass and explore the city at your own pace. Well worth the investment!


Whilst there is a whole host of places to visit and explore on a Baltic Cruise, these were just our recommendations for your Baltic cruise.  The main thing would be is if you haven’t been to the Baltic on a cruise, is to book one quick! It’s one of our favourite cruising destinations and will not only charm newcomers but regulars who keep going back for the Baltic cruise fix. It’s a popular cruising regiion and if you can get great weather like we did in June 2015 when we sailed on Royal Princess, then that makes it even more enjoyable.

Most of all, enjoy your Baltic cruise….. we’re not jealous at all! Well, erm….just perhaps a little bit……..





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